Ricardo Angelini is an Italian actor born and raised in South Tyrol/ Italy. He speaks Italian, German and English and works in both Germany and Italy.


After working several years as a bricklayer he decided to start a filmcareer and trained himself autodidactically in literature, poesy, phonetics, writing and acting. At the age of 27 he moved to Munich and studied acting in privat lessons with teachers as Lene Beyer (camera acting) and developed his craft in workshops with Robert Castle, 2-times Oscar- winner Paul Haggis and famous American acting coach Ivana Chubbuck.


Soon he got supporting and leading roles in German and Italian TV shows and movies. Furthermore he's been producing a couple of plays, organizing pubblic readings and is actually working as Producer, Creator and leading actor in his own webseries called Crimetube.


Personal data:


born:                      1981

in:                          Bolzano/ Italy

resides in:               Munich/ Bolzano

height:                    5' 9 inch. (175cm)

weight:                   77kg

eyes:                      brown

hair:                       brown

languages:               German, Italian, English

skills:                     kick- boxing, horse riding, table tennis, basket ball, swimming, billiards,                             bowling, squash

drive license:            car & bike



2016                 Ivana Chubbuck        Masterclass acting           Rome

​2015                    Paul Haggis           Masterclass acting         Rome

2010- 2013           Lene Beyer            camera acting               Munich

2011                    Robert Castle          method acting              Munich

2009- 2011          Academia Arte        acting training               Munich